Core Kitchen and Core Home
               Offering a large collection of elegant Bamboo Cutting Boards, Bowls and storage & organization products and home entertainment accessories. Silicone utensils and gadgets  are a feature of the Core Kitchen line 

Planetary Design
               Patented kitchen canisters including the AirScape which forces out air and locks the lid in place. Also, a beautiful group of vacuum Insulated, Double Wall French Coffee Presses, Mugs and Tumblers. All 18/8 stainless.

               Molder of the G3 Garlic Twist which has won 6 industry innovation awards as one of the top kitchen gadgets. It minces garlic, ginger, shallots after separating the cloves. Unlike a garlic press, nothing is smashed or wasted. Heavy duty plastic and dishwasher safe. Their newest item is the TeaPod. A multi-function tea accessory, this item will scoop tea leaves (or hold a tea bag), steep, stir and squeeze, while hanging off the inside brim of the cup.

               A large collection of creative beverage-ware including drink accessories, colorful French coffee and tea presses, as well as water bottles with fruit infusers.

Ardente Gourmet Stirrer -

                Continuously or intermittently scrapes and stirs everything in stock pots from 9 to 14". Simple to use.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker -

                Easy to use with rapid, full immersion process which brews delicious coffee in about one minute. Cleans up in seconds.

SiegeClean - 

                Eco-friendly top quality cleaning and polishing formulas for multiple applications.

Wenko - 

                55 year old German Housewares Company with a new US warehouse in Ohio. Categories include bath, home,kitchen and laundry. Outstanding quality  and technology.


Storage Solutions from ADnArt

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  G3 from NEXTREND

Eclectic Gourmet Accessories, Inc.

Bright Silicone Solutions

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Table Top French Presses from

Planetary Design